Medics 3D at 3DMedLIVE 2019: conference round-up

Written by Diego Manfrin, Giuseppe Isu

In this 3DMedLIVE conference round-up, Diego Manfrin and Giuseppe Isu (both Medics3D, Turin, Italy) discuss their top highlights and key takeaway messages from 3DMedLIVE 2019: 3D printing in surgery, as well as innovative technologies we should be looking out for in the future.

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Diego Manfrin Medics 3D


Diego Manfrin is Product Development Engineer at Medics 3D (Turin, Italy). He has 3 years of experience as a Production Designer and is in charge of the ISO-certified Medics 3D printing facility.




Giuseppe Isu Medics 3D


Giuseppe Isu is a Biomedical Engineer with 7 years of experience. He holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and has spent his career between Italy and Switzerland working in the field of tissue engineering. In 2019, he joined Medics 3D as R&D manager, where he directs the innovation roadmap of the company.


“Augmented reality – I think that is one that most the emerging and interesting technologies for the next few years. We are already working on the integration of augmented reality with 3D printing, because of course, 3D printing is useful. But maybe it’s not useful for every surgeon […] they may need to have the model in their hands, to try the implant, to try surgery on the model, but if you’re talking about soft tissue surgeries, like hepatic surgery or neurological surgery, then 3D printing is limited. You don’t have the same potential for a virtual model where you can make parts transparent, hide some parts – you can move beyond this in the virtual space. So of course, 3D printing is useful for the surgeon, but it doesn’t have the same potential that a very well-made virtual model may have in every scenario.”

Manfrin and Isu provided their 3DMedLIVE conference round-up at 3DMedLIVE 2019: 3D printing in surgery. To access more exclusive interviews and content from 3DMedLIVE 2019, watch this space on 3DMedNet >>

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3DMedLIVE conference round-up segments:

  • Key take home messages from 3DMedLIVE 2019 [00:29]
  • Highlights and surprises from 3DMedLIVE 2019 [02:05]
  • Innovative technologies to watch [03:55]


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