3D printing in transplant surgery: overcoming key challenges to benefit the patient

Written by Lorna Marson

In this interview with Lorna Marson, Past-President of the British Transplant Society and Professor of Transplant Surgery at the University of Edinburgh (UK), Marson discusses the patient benefits of 3D printing in transplant surgery and what to expect from the operating room of the future.

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Lorna Marson is Professor of Transplant Surgery at the University of Edinburgh and Honorary Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (UK). Marson held a Clinician Scientist Award from the Academy of Medical Sciences/ Health Foundation from 2003–2008 and continues to work in clinically relevant research in renal transplantation, with translation of a novel agent from bench to bedside. She is immediate Past-President of the British Transplantation Society, and has held senior roles in regional surgical training. Marson is interested in how novel technologies are likely to impact on the future transplantation and surgical training. She was a member of the Commission for the Future of Surgery (2018), sponsored by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

“In preparation for transplant surgery, I think there are particular situations where 3D printing might add benefit to the patients and the outcome of surgery. […] particularly around pediatric transplantation where a parent is donating their kidney to a small child, where the discrepancy in size between, for example, the father and the son is significant.”

“I think what is interesting is that, in some cases, previously, the transplant would have been delayed by, perhaps, even a year or two, because they could not be certain that the large kidney could be accommodated in the pelvis of the child.”

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Interview segments:

  • Introduction [0:03]
  • 3D printing for transplant surgery [00:22]
  • Patient benefits of 3D printing in transplant surgery [00:49]
  • Overcoming key challenges in transplant surgery with 3D printing [01:43]
  • The operating room of the future [02:20]


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