3D printing in the medical field: the concept, the benefits and the future

Written by Dietmar Hutmacher

Dietmar W. Hutmacher, Professor and Chair of Regenerative Medicine at Queensland University of Technology (Australia), explains how 3D printing is already being used in the medical field, the modern, multidisciplinary approach to surgery and the future of 3D printing strategies in medicine.

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Dietmar W HutmacherDistinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher PhD (NUS), MBA (Henley) is a biomedical engineer, an educator, an inventor, and a creator of new intellectual property opportunities. His track-record in groundbreaking research and developing global interdisciplinary teams has had a significant impact on the trajectory of scholarship and education in the field of biomedical engineering and regenerative medicine nationally and internationally. His research program and collaborations are interdisciplinary in the sense that they go beyond current main stream configurations in joint science and technology research, and aim to advance different scientific and technological disciplines together and in synergy towards a breakthrough by building world class research capacity.

“The biggest interest I have in using 3D printing in the medical field is that it is a very versatile technology, which can help us on different levels to support clinicians who are treating the patient, and then obviously it is very rewarding to see that some of the work you do actually helps a patient to have a better outcome.”

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Interview segments:

  • Introduction [00:03]
  • Using 3D printing in the medical field [00:41]
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to 3D printing in surgery [01:50]
  • Melt electrospinning technology: ‘taming the jet’ [03:39]
  • The operating room of the future [05:03]


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