3D printing for trauma surgery

Written by Matteo Giachino

Matteo Giachino, Orthopedic Surgeon from CTO Hospital (Turin, Italy) describes how his team uses 3D printing to prepare for trauma surgery and talks through a surgical case where 3D printing proved particularly useful.

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Matteo Giachino attended Medical School at the University of Turin, Italy. Giachino graduated in 2013 with a dissertation entitled, ‘Optimization of external fixation treatment in pelvic ring lesions by three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis’, in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

Giachino attended his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at University of Turin with Professor Alessandro Massé, one of the finest hip surgeons worldwide, growing his interests and skills especially in hip and pelvic surgery.

Giachino started exploiting and developing 3D technologies in orthopedic surgery at the very beginning of his career, both for virtual and operative applications. The use of 3D is a leading field of scientific research within his team, having produced some specialistic literature on the subject.

Giachino expects 3D technologies to be ever more essential elements in his team’s every-day work and is looking forward to discovering what the future may hold.

“I think that the benefits [of 3D printing] are both for the surgeons and the patients – the surgeon can plan the surgery itself better and they can study it before the surgery. The patient can better understand what their condition is, especially in trauma cases, because the patient rarely has the complete idea of what the problem is and the complexity of the problem. That’s the major point, I think.”

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Interview segments:

  • Introduction [00:04]
  • 3D printing for trauma surgery [00:17]
  • Applying 3D printing to different surgical specialisms [01:02]
  • Benefits of 3D printing for trauma surgery [01:33]
  • Case in focus: 3D printing for surgical rehearsal [02:07]
  • The future of innovative technologies in surgery [02:41]
  • The operating room of the future [03:06]

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