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World’s first 3D printer operating on a six axis robot announced

Advanced Solutions has developed a new bioprinter with the goal to produce human organs and tissue.

Jun 27, 2017

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Bill Whitford about 2 years ago

I've been following their bioprinter for some time.  Theee are many bioprinters on the market now, but one thing I particularly appreciate about the bioassemblybot is that it not only prints 3D structures, but can actually print in 3 dimensions.  That is to say, it doesn't have to deposit in 2 dimensions only.  This may be a particular significant advantage in clinical applications.

Freya Leask about 2 years ago

Very interesting comment, Bill - could such a dynamic printer also mean that scaffolds aren't required to support the structure as it's being printed?

Bill Whitford about 2 years ago

Well, I'm not an expert with it.  But it does mean that you can print new structures apon a preformed existing complex 3D structure  of most any density.  Like you can print a cone hat on a clown doll's head.  Can do that with many printers.

Bill Whitford about 2 years ago

I meant to say that you can't do that with many printers