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Alexandra Thompson

Contributor, -

Che Connon

Professor of Tissue Engineering, Newcastle University

Future Science OA

Open Access Journal, Future Science

Jessica Rosenholm

Professor in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Development) at Åbo Akademi University, Åbo Akademi University

Narinder Gautam

Med.Dr. Ph.D

Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine

Journal, Future Science Group

Khalid Arab

Plastic surgeon, King Saud University/sahlgrenska academy

David Mottram

Technical Assistant, Hutchinson IP Ltd

Abraham Finkelman

CEO, 3DPrintingLab

James Robar

Chief of Medical Physics, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Gillian Hatcher

Senior Technical Product Manager, 3D Bolus Inc.

Thomas Marchand

Co-Founding CEO and Chairman at BIOMODEX, BIOMODEX

Margaux VIGATA

Pharm.D degree & M.sc degree in Biotechnology Engineering - Graduated in June 2016

sanjay pathak

3D Printing, Bio Medi Centre

Omar Ortega

Sr/ , RT MED

Freya Leask

Publisher, Future Science Group

Mark Leemhuis

Senior lecturer, research fellow, The Hague University of Applied Science

Vaishali Kilor

Professor, Gurunanak College of Pharmacy

Madeleine Helen Tadros

Undergraduate Researcher, Rice University


Assistant Researcher at 成功大學 NCKU.NET, 成功大學 NCKU.NET

Will James

Founder & Animator at BioMation, BioMation

jose luis carrillo gamboa

Director Centro de Medicina Regenerativa AC Terapia Celular en Osteoartitis Certificado CONACYT en Investigación, Hospital San Angel Inn Universidad