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Managing expectations, discovering new applications and developing new technology: an interview with Kenny Dalgarno

In this interview, Kenny Dalgarno, Newcastle University, discusses the development of bioprinting technology and the challenges to overcome.

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Go to the profile of Richard Bibb
Richard Bibb almost 3 years ago

Great interview Kenny. Its good to see some positive but realistic outlook on bioprinting and an honest view of technology readiness and the timescales involved.

Go to the profile of Jason Chuen
Jason Chuen almost 3 years ago

Thanks for that perspective Kenny. It is critical that we maintain realistic expectations of Medical 3D printing, especially bioprinting, in order to have sustainable progress. Too often we see overblown projections of the promise and potential, with mass media often piling more conjecture on top of academic hyperbole. The structural issues of academic career advancement, grant funding, and scientific populism can lead to exaggerated claims and unrealistic expectations. Finding the right pathways and applications for medical 3D printing is a slow, hard slog. Bioprinting in particular has many critical issues to overcome, many of which lie in parallel fields of mechanical engineering, structural design, tissue culture processes, materials development, clinical medicine and economics. It's great to have a goal to focus on, but all of those areas need to solve their own problems before a functioning 3d printed kidney is ever a possibility.