[UPDATE] Bioprinting in space: knee meniscus successfully printed on ISS

Written by Georgi Makin

Christina Koch bioprinting in space

Keep up with key news updates from the team performing bioprinting research in space with the 3D BioFabrication Facility on board the International Space Station. ** UPDATE: Monday 4 May 2020 ** A collaboration between The Geneva Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland), the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (MD, USA), TechShot (IN, USA) and nScrypt (FL, USA) has announced success in the 3D bioprinting of a human knee. As part of a Defense Health Program-funded 4D Bio3 (4-Defense Biotechnology, Biomanufacturing and Bioprinting) Program, astronauts have completed a pilot testing series to bioprint the meniscus, in an effort to combat one...

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