Top 5 3D printing in medicine grants

Written by Olivia Seifert, Editor


This round-up of the most recent 3D printing in medicine grants, sourced by Dimensions, covers something for everyone; from 3D-printed intervertebral disk models and bioprinted lung tissue, to origami models and beyond. For further information on grants for 3D printing in medicine, take a look at Dimensions on RegMedNet>>  Engineered full-organ 3D intervertebral disc as a standardized model for studying disc degeneration and disease Intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration is a major source of human suffering and disability but its study has been compromised by the intrinsic complexity of the intervertebral disk. Further, the absence of reproducible models harnessing IVD structure, composition and properties is a severe limitation towards the better understanding of the...

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