Applications in neuro R&D

For this edition of ‘3D in focus’, 3DMedNet and our panel of experts turn our attention to how 3D printing is being applied to the fields of neurology and neuroscience, from R&D to clinical use. Find out more in this series of editorials, interviews and special 3DMedTALKS podcast episode.

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3D in focus: applications in neurology and neuroscience R&D

There are many neurological conditions for which treatments and even preventative measures are yet to enter a clinical pipeline. Even modern imaging technologies fail to present fully accurate pictures and ideas for how the brain works at the level required for extensive research and development strategies – there is a long way to go before scientists can claim to fully understand the brain and all its mechanisms.

Throughout neuroscience R&D and neurological care, however, there are areas benefiting from 3D printing and bioprinting technologies. In this feature, we interview scientists and clinicians working with 3D printing to improve their standard practice. From carefully engineered neural tissues to personalized solutions for complex spinal surgeries, we aim to bring you a 360⁰ perspective of 3D printing in the neuro space. 

Access the different interviews, editorials and special 3DMedTALKS podcast episode from our experts below and join the conversation on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter by using #3Dneuro.

In focus

Approaches to spinal cord injury research
Affordable neurological care
Promoting neural regeneration
Engineering neural tissue models

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In conversation

3DMedTALKS 'in focus' special episode: neuro R&D

For an 'In focus' first, we are delighted to be hosting our second 3DMedTALKS episode with Jacob Koffler.

In this episode, 3DMedNet Editor, Georgi Makin, explores how 3D printing and bioprinting are being utilized for tissue engineering and more for spinal cord injury R&D, as well as in the wider neuroscientific space.  

Listen now for exclusive insights into Jacob’s work and experience with 3D printing technologies in spinal cord injury research, how these technologies are positioned in the wider neuro R&D fields and where the use of medical 3D technologies are heading in this space in the next 5–10 years. 

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In the journal

Check out these top three journal articles from this feature's partner publications - Future Neurology, the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine  and Regenerative Medicinehandpicked by the 3DMedNet team to accompany this feature.

Click here to find out more about FREE ACCESS to the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine.

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In the news

The 3DMedNet team has handpicked their top three news stories published over the last few years, relating to neurological and neuroscientific applications of 3D printing.

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