Applications in pediatrics

For this edition of ‘3D in focus’, 3DMedNet and our panel of experts turn their attention to how 3D printing is being practically applied to the field of pediatric medicine, from pharmaceutical R&D to surgical practice. Find out more in this series of editorials, interviews and webinars focused on the future of 3D printing technologies in pediatric care.

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3D in focus: applications in pediatrics

Advances in 3D printing have been life changing for children, especially in the adaptation of surgical tools, preoperative rehearsal of complex surgeries, personalized treatments and custom-designed prostheses to suit growing bodies.

A topic for a fair few 3DMedNet features to date, specific pediatric applications of 3D printing highlight some of the best opportunities for showcasing the benefits of additive manufacturing within the medical space.

From complex surgeries to the adaptation of oral dosage forms, the application of 3D printing technologies is already revolutionizing personalized care for children, improving safety, efficiency and tailored responses to some of the most exceptional cases.

You can find out more about the general applications of 3D printing in pediatric care via some of our previous editorials on the subject:

Access the different interviews, editorials and webinars from our experts below and join the conversation on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter by using #3Dpediatrics.

In focus

Alvaro Goyanes (FabRx)

Alvaro Goyanes
FabRx, University College London
Rafael Guerrero (Alder Hey Children's Hospital)

Rafael Guerrero
Alder Hey Children's Hospital
Robert Wesley (St Louis Children's Hospital)

Robert Wesley
St Louis Children's Hospital
Sarah Flora (Geisinger)

Sarah Flora
Sarah Trenfield (FabRx)

Sarah Trenfield
FabRx, University College London

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In conversation

For an 'In focus' first, we are delighted to be hosting our second webinar with Rafael Guerrero (Alder Hey Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Liverpool, UK). Watch this space for more information!

Rafael Guerrero
Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon
Clinical Director of Cardiac Services
Director of Innovation
Alder Hey Children's Hospital (Liverpool, UK)

Rafael Guerrero is an international leader in pediatric and adult congenital cardiac surgery, trainer, innovator and an advocate and promoter of the use of 3D printing and immersive technology in healthcare. Serving as the North West Region’s Chief of Congenital Cardiac Surgery and Director of Cardiac Services at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital (Liverpool, UK); Guerrero leads one of the largest and most successful congenital heart centre in the UK with a culture of continuous quality improvement. 

>> Find out more about Rafael Guerrero

In the meantime, catch up with Robert Wesley (St Louis Children's Hospital; MO, USA) in this on-demand webinar, where Wesley covers the challenges of running in-hospital 3D printing centers, collaborating with various physician practices and the financial and operational pitfalls and successes.

Robert Wesley
Robert Wesley 
3D Printing Engineer  
St Louis Children's Hospital (MO, USA)

Wesley is an experienced biomedical engineer who runs the 3D Printing Center at Washington University Medical Campus (MO, USA), which serves all of the hospitals in the BJC HealthCare network. He works closely with a clinical team to identify anatomy, design and manufacture models, and apply quality standards throughout the process. He has consulted pro bono for southeastern children’s hospitals in ramping up 3D printing programs in their infancy.

Click here to watch this webinar on demand

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In the journal

Access these top four journal articles relating to pediatric applications of 3D printing for free as part of this feature, handpicked by the 3DMedNet and Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine teams.

Click here to find out more about FREE ACCESS to the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine.

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In the news

The 3DMedNet team has handpicked their top four news stories published over the last few years, relating to pediatric applications of 3D printing.

Click here to read more about pediatric medicine in the news on 3DMedNet.

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