3DHEALS 2020: Editor’s picks

This week, the virtual conference season continues as the team at 3DMedNet and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine prepare to attend 3DHEALS2020.

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What is 3DHEALS 2020?

3DHEALS 2020 will be gathering experts, influencers and attendees from across nine countries on a virtual platform. The event boasts more than 64 speakers over multiple streams, discussing topics from specific applications of 3D printing in different areas of specialism, all the way through to the future of bioprinting and next-generation technologies.

You can still register for 3DHEALS 2020 via the website >>

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What should I look out for at 3DHEALS 2020?

Here are my highlights from the agenda for 3DHEALS 2020 so far, along with key 3DMedNet content to help you prepare for each session!

1. Material science in healthcare 3D printing, 10:00–11:00 [PST], 5 June. Mike Vasquez (3Degrees, CA, USA), Steve Kranz (Origin, CA, USA), Sean Dsilva (Henkel, Dusseldorf, Germany) and Balaji Prabhu (Evonik Industries, Essen, Germany) lead this session, comprised of four subsessions including discussions on bioresorbable materials for 3D printing medical implants, the adaptability of start-ups and switching focus in a time of coronavirus.

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2. Making orthopedic implants more accessible through automatable design workflows and computational modeling, 13:00–14:00 [PST], 5 June. Christopher Cho (nTopology, NY, USA) and Matthew Shomper (Tangible Solutions, OH, USA) discuss the differences between ‘as-designed vs as-manufactured geometries’ in the 3D printing of medical implants, describing a workflow for testing these differences. This session is also being live streamed for ticket holders.

3. Healthcare 3D printing in space, NASA, International Space Station (ISS), 15:00–16:00 [PST], 5 June. Rachel Clemens (ISS US National Lab, FL, USA), Joshua Neubert (Institute of Competition Sciences, CA, USA), Ricky Solorzano (Allevi, PA, USA) and Eugene Boland (Techshot, Inc, IN, USA) describe the plug-and-play bioprinting extruder in space, the potential for bioengineering to end the organ donation crises and how the ISS is a platform for innovation.

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4. Next generation organogenesis and bioprinting, 10:00–11:00 [PST], 6 June. Stephanie Willerth (University of Victoria, Canada), Melanie Matheu (PrellisBio, CA, USA), Jordan Miller (Volumetric and Rice University, TX, USA), Adam Feinberg (Fluidform3D, MA, USA), Mayasari Lim (RoosterBio, MD, USA) and Orquidea Garcia (Johnson & Johnson, NJ, USA) present on the ‘promise of bioprinting’, discussing the evolution of the creation and delivery of personalized solutions.

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5. Artificial intelligence and healthcare 3D printing, 14:30–15:00 [PST], 6 June. Sang Joon Park (MEDICALIP, Seoul, South Korea) and Qiang Huang (University of Southern California, CA, USA) lead two subsessions dedicated to machine learning for 3D printing accuracy control and AI-powered 3D printing for efficient workflows within healthcare.

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6. Regulatory/legal challenges, 16:00–17:00 [PST], 6 June. Roger Kuan (Haynes and Boone, TX, USA), Fabio Sant’Ana (3DHEALS), Paul Gadiock (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, CA, USA), Jason Novak (Haynes and Boone), Matt Jacobson (Reed Smith, PA, USA) and Steven Bauer (US FDA, MD, USA) discuss intellectual property, liability and overcoming FDA challenges for 3D-printed medical devices.  

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How can I meet the 3DMedNet and Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine team?

While we will not be able to meet you in person at 3DHEALS 2020, you can still join us on Twitter while we cover the event, live. You can also reach us over email – we would be delighted to discuss conference report submissions and answer any queries you may have about 3DMedNet or the journal.

>> Contact Georgi Makin, Senior Editor of 3DMedNet for anything related to 3DMedNet.

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