Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine: Volume 2 Issue 1

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The Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine released its first issue of 2018 in January. This is a full list of all the articles featured in the issue with selected free to view articles. We hope you enjoy reading them!

To print or not to print, that is the question: how close are we to clinical translation of contemporary bioinks? (FREE)

  • Editorial by Stuart Kyle & Iain S Whitaker, Swansea University Medical School and Welsh Centre for Burns & Plastic Surgery, Swansea, UK

Some experience on thumb reconstruction using 3D printing technology

  • Commentary by Rui Cong, Chengwu Zang & Chao Liang, Fourth Military Medical University, China

Cost-effective 3D printing of custom vascular models in vascular and interventional radiology

  • Methodology by Yu-hui Huang, Darshan C Patel, Christopher Wagner & Christopher Goettl, University of Illinois, Il, USA; Impossible Objects LLC, Il, USA; Stanford University; CA, USA

CerAMfacturing: development of ceramic and multi material components by additive manufacturing methods for personalized medical products

  • Special Report by Uwe Scheithauer, Robert Johne, Steven Weingarten, Eric Schwarzer, Johannes Abel, Axel Müller-Köhn, Anne Günther & Tassilo Moritz, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies & Systems, Dresden, Germany; Fraunhofer Singapore, Singapore.

Toward quality assessment of 3D printed oral dosage forms

  • Perspective by Daniel Markl, Axel Zeitler, Thomas Rades, Jukka Rantanen & Johan Bøtker, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK; University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Auricular reconstruction from rib to 3D printing

  • Review by Chelsea L Reighard, Scott J Hollister & David A Zopf, University of Michigan, MI, USA; Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA

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