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Getting started with 3D printing in orthopedic surgery

In this editorial, Thienthy Nguyen, Alan Dang and Alexis Dang discuss how orthopedic surgeries can benefit from utilizing 3D printing.

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David Haomiao Liu, MBA almost 3 years ago

Great explanations on 3D printing and the medical operations in layman's terms at the beginning. 

I'm curious to know  "After printing the 3D model, we were able to experiment with multiple osteotomies, finally deciding upon an oblique osteotomy that would allow for restoration of the clavicle length with space for a lag screw and precontoured plate." - how long does this process usually take? And do you print multiple copies of the 3D model for each osteotomy experiment?

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Alexis Dang over 2 years ago

The process doesn't take very long, depending on how many versions of the osteotomy you want to try.  Yes, we do print multiple models for each osteotomy.