At 3DMedNet we truly believe that, thanks to exponential developments in 3D printing and bioprinting, we are poised at the brink of an exciting new era of medicine and healthcare. The field encompasses a multidisciplinary mix of experts, from regulators and manufacturers to surgeons and bioengineers; 3DMedNet is a network that unites all members of this diverse community, enabling the connection and collaboration that will help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate.

Why should you join?

First and foremost, you should join 3DMedNet because, by joining the network and sharing your news and knowledge, you will be contributing towards the development of this fast-progressing field. But, at a more personal level, this network also gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers and help gain knowledge and connections that may be useful to your work, whether it is research, regulation or clinical applications.

3DMedNet is largely based on content generated by the network’s users and is designed to provide experts with a platform to collaborate, showcase their work and share news and their perspectives on the field. At the forefront of 3DMedNet are the site’s Leaders and Networkers: Leaders have maximum exposure on the site and are responsible for generating discussion, promoting ideas and stimulating debate; Networkers have the ability to post to their profile page, engage with fellow professionals and ultimately elevate their profile. The automatic user type upon sign up to 3DMedNet is Networker. The site may also have Sponsors or Partners who share key events, products or services to help you stay up to date in this fast-moving field. The site's Editors, of course, share content generated in house and oversee the site. These user subcategories allow us to ensure that posts by 3DMedNet users will be appropriate for the site, while avoiding a complex and time-consuming registration process.

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Who is 3DMedNet?

There are plenty of wonderful people working behind the scenes to help this network operate, but the core team consists of:

  • Freya Leask, Editor & Community Manager (
    Freya is the person you should speak to if you have any questions about using the network. You can find more about Freya by reading her profile, and can find her posts here.
  • Sonia Mannan (
    Sonia is the Commissioning Editor for Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine. Sonia would be happy to hear from anyone interested in submitting to the journal. You can check out her posts and biography here.
  • Andrew Kemp, Business Development Manager (
    As a member of our business development team, Andy is the primary contact for all things related to sponsorship and advertising. Please see the sponsorship page for more details, and send him an email if you wish to discuss commercial opportunities available on 3DMedNet.

If you would like to know more about using 3DMedNet please speak to the Community Manager.