New monthly meet-up seeks to unite Boston 3D printers

Written by Sadaf Atarod

A new monthly meeting in Boston aims to enhance understanding and support collaborations in 3D printing and bioprinting.

The Boston 3D Bioprinting meetup is a group for anyone interested or with an expertise in 3D bioprinting. Thus, all skill levels are welcome. The goal is for the members to connect & collaborate, thereby sharing expertise in the area of 3D bioprinting especially in the Boston area. This will help us overcome the current challenges & achieve the overall aim which is to successfully 3D bioprint viable organs for transplantation.

The meetups are hosted once a month at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, Boston University. Expert speakers are invited at these meetup to enhance our understanding of the field & allow members to learn about the latest 3D bioprinting technologies. Currently, we have 224 members & our very first meetup has already resulted in a collaboration between two groups.

We encourage members of the 3D bioprinting community to present at our meetup, so please e-mail Sadaf Atarod, PhD ([email protected]) if you are interested in speaking at one of our monthly meetups.

Attend the Boston 3D Bioprinting Meetup.