MeTiS: a modular pipeline for extracting 3D-printable brain-surface models from conventional and ultra-high field MRI

Written by Olivia Seifert, Editor

Lee J, Hoang G, Liu CS et al.| Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, 5(4) doi:10.2217/3dp-2021-0018 (2021) (ePub ahead of print)   Keywords: 3D printing • neuroimaging analysis • neuroradiology • ultra-high field MRI  The aim of this study was to develop a modular software pipeline for robustly extracting 3D brain-surface models from MRIs for visualization or printing. This addresses a current gap in the literature; no other end-to-end pipeline specialized for neuroimaging does this directly with an interchangeable combination of methods. This study developed a software application to dynamically generate Nipype workflows using interfaces from the Analysis of Functional NeuroImages, Advanced Normalization Tools, FreeSurfer, BrainSuite, Nighres and the FMRIB Software Library suites. The application was deployed...

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