Innovative 3D printer for printing anatomical models to support medical technology companies

Written by Vivian Xie

3D modelling coarctation of the aorta

Schiner 3D Repro (Krems an der Donau, Austria) is working with medical technology companies to expand the reach of the Stratasys (Rehovot, Israel) J750™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D printer, capable of printing accurate and realistic anatomical models. 

The Digital Anatomy 3D printer intends to bring to healthcare companies, medical device manufacturers and research facilities a more time and cost-efficient solution to simulating anatomies and pathologies in cadavers, to help test solutions and optimize instrument design and functionality. For the purposes of surgical training and preparation, the Digital Anatomy 3D printer will aid in the production of 3Dprinted medical and anatomical models. 

Joern-Henrik Stein, Managing Director at Schiner 3D Repro, stated: 

“The Digital Anatomy has been a game-changer in terms of what models we can offer medical companies…We are now able to produce anatomies from real medical scans, known as [digital imaging and communications in medicinedata, which allows our medical customers to request exactly what anatomy is needed, without the need for human cadavers.” 

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The Digital Anatomy 3D printer is capable of producing accurate anatomical models of internal organs and other biological tissues. Such models are crucial for medical customers working to develop therapeutic treatments and study pathologies. An example of the potential of the Digital Anatomy 3D printer is the recent production of vascular model for a customer testing blood circulation for a new medical device. 

“In one recent case the vascular structures were only 1.5 mm in diameter, which would literally be impossible to produce using other technologies. Thankfully we were able to 3D print the model for the customer, which opens up additional opportunities in design validation and optimization of the medical device for them, 

explained Oliver Simon, Project Manager of the Medical Branch at Schiner 3D Repro. 

Arnaud Toutain, Healthcare Sales and Development Lead, EMEA, at Stratasys (Paris, France), commented: 

“Through the ultra-realistic medical models that they are developing, companies like Schiner 3D Repro perfectly demonstrate what our Digital Anatomy Printer is capable of.” 

SourceStratasys press release