3D printing in medicine infographicsSometimes, an image can speak 1000 words. Learn more about 3D printing in medicine with our handy infographics, focused on creatively presenting research, data, concepts and processes.

By transforming data into creative illustrations, 3DMedNet aims to make complex concepts and processes simple and easy to understand, improving accessibility and the sharing of knowledge across the field. Use our 3D printing in medicine infographics to compare and contrast filament options or to take a quick look at the use of 3D printing in sport, for example.

3DMedNet infographics are developed in-house, putting our audience first in the graphical representation of information. Review an infographic and related content online or save the image and take it with you – each one is designed for sharing and to be accessible for everyone in the field.

The 3DMedNet editorial team works closely with experts to ensure the information portrayed in each design accurately represents and reflects the data and concepts, maintaining high standards while approaching a topic with creativity in mind to produce the best quality infographics with high longevity.

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