In focus: applications in pediatrics

Find out more about 3D printing in pediatrics as 3DMedNet invites the experts, from pharmaceutical design to surgery, to discuss how 3D printing is being used to solve complex pediatric challenges.

Advances in 3D printing in pediatrics have been life changing for children, especially in the adaptation of surgical tools, preoperative rehearsal of complex surgeries, personalized treatments and custom-designed prostheses to suit growing bodies.

A topic for a fair few 3DMedNet features to date, specific pediatric applications of 3D printing highlight some of the best opportunities for showcasing the benefits of additive manufacturing within the medical space, with a high demand for customized design and personalized approaches.

From complex surgeries to the adaptation of oral dosage forms, the application of 3D printing technologies is already revolutionizing personalized care for children, improving safety, efficiency and tailored responses to some of the most exceptional cases.

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From the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine: