Hybrid strategies for 3D bioprinting of complex musculoskeletal tissue with Miguel Oliveira

Written by Miguel Oliveira

bioprinting musculoskeletal tissues

In this interview with Miguel Oliveira (University of Minho, Portugal), Oliveira discusses recent work into bioprinting musculoskeletal tissue, the future of bioprinting technologies in surgery and the challenges facing the biofabrication of musculoskeletal tissues. Biography Miguel Oliveira is a biochemist and Principal Investigator (Investigador FCT 2012 and Investigador FCT 2015) at the PT Government Associate Laboratory ICVS/3B’s (University of Minho; Braga, Portugal). Oliveira is the Vice President of I3Bs – Institute 3B’s (I3Bs, University of Minho) and has been the Director of pre-clinical research at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Espregueira Mendes Sports Centre (Porto, Portugal) since February 2013....

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