Leandro Basso

CTO, Medics

CTO, Medics (Turin, Italy)

From competitive skiing to the Military Academy, from tourist resorts to Med Tech companies: if there is one thing that is not lacking to Medics CTO Leandro Basso, it is the resourcefulness and the desire to experiment. Curious and versatile since childhood, lover of challenges and always looking for new ideas, he’s been a tireless sportsman for years and his work experiences are countless. In 1999 he was hired by a company in Toulon (France) active in the field of prosthetic orthopaedics, inaugurating his intense career in the field of medical devices: a now 20-year career, which led him to take on the role of Agent and Distributor for four multinationals: Smith & Nephew (London, UK), Bionet (CA,USA), Right Medical (VA, USA), Lima Corporate (Udine, Italy).

In 2014, within the walls of an operating room, it was a chat with a surgeon that inspired the idea which would lead to the birth of Medics: why not use 3D printing for surgical planning? Why not make complex surgeries safer and less invasive through the study on patient-specific anatomical replicas? Inside the I3P of the Polytechnic of Turin 2 years laters, this idea became an innovative start-up, which today is a leading company in its sector and of which Leandro Basso is Co-founder and CTO.