Candice Majewski

Senior Lecturer, Sheffield University

Senior Lecturer, Sheffield University (UK)

Candice Majewski is a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Sheffield, with a teaching and research focus on Additive Manufacturing.  Her passion for this area was inspired by a guest lecture during the final year of her undergraduate degree, which instantly made her realize this was the area she wanted to work in.  She has been involved in Additive Manufacturing since 2000, initially working with metal-based processes before moving her focus towards polymer-based sintering processes.  Much of her work centres around understanding and optimizing the interactions between materials and processes, as well as consultancy and contract research projects using her knowledge and expertise to help steer the selection and development of new materials and material combinations.  Her work has been recognized globally, most notably with the award of the 2011 International Outstanding Young Research in Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Award.