Could 3D printed bio-absorbable breast implant shells be the future for breast reconstruction surgery?

Written by Sonia Mannan

A project termed MAT(T)ISSE has been awarded the Théophile-Legrand first prize in France for the creation of a 3D printed breast implant that could provide a more appealing and safer alternative to current approaches towards reconstructive breast surgeries. Julien Payen (National School of Arts and Textile Industries, Roubaix, France) and Pierre-Marie Danze (Lille 1 University, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France) carried out a project termed MAT(T)ISSE where 3D printing was utilized to produce an absorbable shell-like structure that can safely contain injected fatty tissues. This can be utilized to create a breast implant for cancer reconstruction surgery that provides a more natural result...

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