Collaboration between Jellagen and Copner Biotech for jellyfish bioink development

Written by Vivian Xie

Biotech company Jellagen (Cardiff, Wales) have announced their partnership with Copner Biotech (Abergavenny, Wales) following innovation funding from SMART Cymru amounting to GBP £123, 724.   A pioneer in 3D bioprinting, Copner Biotech offers innovative 3D bioscaffolds and 3D inkjet printing, with the goal of designing, creating and utilizing new software platforms for the manufacturing of innovative products for the 3D cell culture market. Jellagen, a marine biotechnology company, are the developers behind next-generation biomaterial Collagen Type 0, a jellyfish-derived bioink with fewer side effects than traditional bioinks. Collagen Type 0 is designed as a treatment for skin diseases and tissue reconstruction. The partnership is hoped to bring together the advanced algorithms provided by Copner...

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