Characterization and ex-vivo phase-contrast microtomography assessment of a 3D bioprinted patch for myocardial infarction repair

Written by Mohammad Izadifar

In this community post from RegMedNet, Mohammad Izadifar discusses his work on using PCI-CT to assess the behaviour of 3D printed implants. 3D-bioprinting techniques may be used to modulate electrical/mechanical properties and porosity of hydrogel constructs for fabrication of suitable cardiac implants. Notably, characterization of these properties after implantation remains a challenge, raising the need for the development of novel quantitative imaging techniques for monitoring hydrogel implant behavior in-situ. This study aims to (i) assess the influence of hydrogel bioprinting patterns on electrical/mechanical behavior of cardiac implants based on a 3D-printing technique and (ii) investigate the potential of synchrotron X-ray...

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