Latest 3DMedNet videos - a round-up

Don't miss the latest exclusive video interviews, from panel discussions to filming at Arab Health.

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Here's a round-up of the latest video content posted on 3DMedNet. From an exclusive at Arab Health on 3D printing in surgery to a new technique of 3D printing, hear from experts across the world on how 3D printing is aiding their work.

• Applications of 3D printing in cosmetic and facial plastic surgery: an interview with Brett Kotlus

3DMedNet speaks to Brett Kotlus, a cosmetic and ocular facial plastic surgeon based in New York, about how he has harnessed the benefits of 3D printing in his practice. Watch now.

• Biomaterials and organs-on-chips: an interview with Shery Huang

Shery Huang, a lecturer at the University of Cambridge, explains the advantages of low-voltage electrospinning patterning as a method for 3D printed high resolution devices. Watch now.

• How 3D printing is revolutionizing orthopedic surgery: an interview with Dr Joseph P Iannotti

At trab Health (30 January–2 February 2017), 3DMedNet spoke to one of the speakers, Joseph P Iannotti (Cleveland Clinic; OH, USA), about how he has been using 3D printing in his work as an orthopedic surgeon. Watch now.

• Computer simulations to predict outcomes of 3D bioprinting: an interview with Professor Adrian Neagu

3DMedNet interviews Arab Health speaker Adrian Neagu (Victor Babes University of Medicine & Pharmacy; Romania) about his work as a professor of biophysics in the world of 3D bioprinting. Watch now.

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