3DMedTALKS l 3D printing and patient experience with surgery

In this podcast, Georgi Makin (3DMedNet) and Jade Parker (Oncology Central) are joined by Shana Cook (Milwaukee School of Engineering) to discuss how 3D printing may improve patient experience with surgery, drawing from Cook’s experience with surgical resection of retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma.

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Georgi Makin, Editor of 3DMedNet, is joined by Jade Parker (Oncology Central) and Shana Cook (Milwaukee School of Engineering) as they discuss how patient experience with surgery can be improved with 3D printing, drawing from Shana’s personal experience 3D printing her own tumor from MRI data, following surgical resection of retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma.


  • At 5:11, Cook left Benedictine University in May of 2013, rather than March as quoted. 
  • At 5:43, the MRI scan revealing the tumor was conducted in 2015, rather than 2013 as quoted.

Find out more:

  • Georgi Makin (@GeorgiMakin) is the Editor of 3DMedNet (www.3dmednet.com), a community website that unites the diverse and multifaceted world of medical 3D printing with the aim of advancing the field, together.
  • Jade Parker (@JadeBethParker) is the Senior Editor of Oncology Central (www.oncology-central.com), a free online platform that unites all aspects of oncology to support a multidisciplinary approach to progression of the field.
  • Shana Cook (@ShanaLCook) is a Biomedical Engineering Student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, who has ambitions to study medicine to work as a Radiologist. You can read Shana’s full story from diagnosis to today, on 3DMedNet via: http://bit.ly/2E8YyXb

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