Welcome to our Spotlight on bioprinting!

Over the next 3 months, we will be taking a closer look at the evolving world of bioprinting, with expert-led content, free access to journal articles from Future Science Group publications, webinars and more...  

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Welcome to our Spotlight on bioprinting

Bioprinting is a 3D printing or additive manufacturing process using biological molecules, often packaged into matrices and referred to as ‘bioinks’.  

From preclinical R&D to personalized approaches to clinical tissue repair and replacement, bioprinting has seen a multitude of breakthroughs over the last few years. It is now technically possible to print replica tumors and tissues to test drug efficacy prior to administration and tailor personalized treatment strategies based on bioprinted cellular or tissue model responses.  

While replacement organs may be a long way off, it is now possible to print vascularized tissues and entire (partially) functional systems. Who knows, perhaps we may be closer than we think to a custom-made solution to the organ donation crisis…   

In this Spotlight feature - a first for 3DMedNet - we aim to highlight key bioprinting projects, from conventional biofabrication and regenerative medicine research to novel applications of ‘bedside’ bioprinting.   

Over the next 3 months, we will be taking a closer look at the evolving world of bioprinting, with expert-led content, free access to journal articles from Future Science Group publications, mini-webinars and a 'panel on paper' to investigate the regulatory questions involved with translating bioprinting technologies into clinical practice.   

Make sure you keep an eye on this page for updates and follow the hashtag on Twitter, #3DMNbioprinting.   

Editor’s picks 



Browse these interviews from our experts as we investigate how bioprinting technologies are being adopted around the world, the translation of the technologies into clinical practice and the future of bioprinting and bioprinted tissues.  

Journal articles 

To celebrate this feature, check out these articles from the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine and Regenerative Medicine, available for free for our members. Watch this space for updates as we release papers throughout the feature.


Check out the top stories in bioprinting in our dedicated channel, or watch this space for our favourite headlines.


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If you work in developing bioinks, practising bioprinting techniques or in the design of processes for the eventual translation of bioprinting into clinical medicine, we want to hear from you!

From the first R&D phases to commercializing technologies, we want to see where we are now with bioprinting, what challenges the community is facing in progressing R&D and what the future may hold for the field. 

So take a few minutes to complete our survey and contribute to the first Spotlight survey feature for 3DMedNet, and be the first to receive an infographic with the results! 

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New to bioprinting? Or do you just want to know more? Check out our Editor's FAQs for bioprinting, highlighting top news stories and interviews from experts. 

Do you have any additional questions? Leave them in the comments! 


Check out our bioprinting webinars and virtual event coverage - learn from the experts and pose your questions to our panels!

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