Bioprinting and blue light disinfection technology brought together for the first time ever

Written by Olivia Seifert, Editor

blue light disinfection technology

Bioprinting startup Brinter (Turku, Finland) has partnered with LED Tailor (Halikko, Finland) to engineer an automatic photon disinfection system in their 3D bioprinter that kills all unwanted forms of viruses and bacteria, minimizing the need for cleanrooms.  Brinter is a modular bioprinter able to produce multi-material and complex 3D tissue structures. It can also print both stiff and soft materials, such as liquids and hydrogels with living cells, bio-paste, metal with binder material and plastics, amongst others. All the while, it can be set up in a lab in just minutes.  Brinter’s announcement of its collaboration with LED Tailor will introduce a disinfection quality to its bioprinter in the form of a new blue light feature embedded in its 3D bioprinter chamber. Specifically, it will utilize disinfecting visible blue light, able to kill...

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