Bioprinted beta cells for the therapeutic management of type 1 diabetes

Bioprinting and single-cell biology research tool and services provider Fluicell (Gothenburg, Sweden) announces progress in early developmental work regarding tissues generated by the company’s Biopixlar bioprinting platform. Utilizing the high-resolution 3D-bioprinting capabilities of Biopixlar, Fluicell’s research team headed by CSO Tatsiana Lobovkina were successful in creating transferable biocomposites of beta cells that produce insulin. In type 1 diabetes, these beta cells are attacked by the body’s own immune system, leading to a lack of insulin for the processing and uptake of glucose in blood. Blood glucose thus increases and causes various complications including damage to the heart, eyes, feet and kidneys. Technology and therapeutics that aid in the production of insulin are thus highly beneficial to the...

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