Disrupting dentistry

For this edition of ‘3D in focus’, 3DMedNet and our panel of experts turn their attention to how 3D printing is disrupting dental practice and research. Find out more in this series of Editorials and interviews focused on the future of 3D printing technologies in dentistry.

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3D printing technologies have had a tremendous impact in dental practice and research from advances in maxillofacial surgeries, to the cost-effective production of aligners.

Dentists are able to print models, crowns, mouth guards and surgical guides chairside, in the clinic, or can outsource projects to larger laboratories which may have more sophisticated equipment.

What’s more, advances in materials research has enabled vast improvements to color libraries enhancing aesthetic appeal and personalization capabilities. Printed implants and crowns can be color matched and printed to fit the patient, reducing the risk of post-treatment complications from poor or loose fitting components.

As with most disease areas and medical applications of 3D printing, surgical models and guides have also been advantageous in the dental arena as dentists are able to rehearse complex procedures and ensure the perfect fit of implants prior to an appointment, further reducing risk and enhancing patient experience.

Overall, in a field where aesthetics are highly regarded, the cost-effective and highly personalizable nature of 3D printing has been a huge advantage for the speedy and widespread adoption of the technology in dental practice and research. 

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In focus

Alin Gabor (Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy)

Alin Gabor
Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Andrew Dawood (Dawood & Tanner Specialist Dental Practice)

Andrew Dawood
Dawood & Tanner Specialist Dental Practice
Jacob Graca (University at Buffalo)

Jacob Graca
University at Buffalo
Les Kalman  Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Les Kalman
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
Praveen Arany (University at Buffalo)

Praveen Arany
University at Buffalo
Scott Dunham (SmarTech Markets Publishing)

Scott Dunham
SmarTech Markets Publishing

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In the news

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