3D printing in spine surgery: current and future applications

Written by Olivia Seifert, Editor

spine surgery and 3D printing

Samdani UF, Hwang SW | Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, 5(4) doi: 10.2217/3dp-2021-0008 (2021) (ePub ahead of print) Keywords: 3D printing • spine surgery • education • orthotic • scoliosis • spine • surgical guide • surgical implant The revolutionary technology of 3D printing has gained traction in the medical field in recent years; spine surgery has in particular seen major advances in 3D printing. The applications of this technology have grown from utilizing 3D models to enhance patient education to patient specific, highly detailed intraoperative anatomical molds. However, obstacles remain that prevent the widespread utilization of 3D printing...

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