3D models and bioprinting aid first successful separation of conjoined twins in Israel

Written by Vivian Xie

A pair of Israeli conjoined twins were separated by surgeons at Soroka-University Medical Center (Beersheba, Israel) utilizing 3D-printing technologies and 3D modeling.  Born in August 2020, the twin girls were attached at the back of the head, a rare condition termed craniopagus twins. Separation is often difficult and potentially life-threatening. After months of planning and preparation involving experts from around the world, the 12-hour procedure was the first of its kind to be performed in Israel.   Mickey Gideon, Director of Pediatric Surgery at Soroka, stated:  “This was a rare and complex surgery that has been conducted only 20 times worldwide and now, for the first time, in Israel in 1-year-old...

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