3D bioprinting technologies and bioinks for therapeutic and tissue engineering applications

Written by Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine

In this Review, the authors discuss the latest achievements of 3D bioprinting in integumental, musculoskeletal and otolaryngological applications, as well as future perspectives for 3D bioprinting technologies. Keywords: 3D bioprinting – bioinks – integumentary system – musculoskeletal tissue -otolaryngology – tissue engineering 3D bioprinting has steadily evolved and a variety of relevant research applications are being pursued in conjunction with recent advances in 3D bioprinting. 3D bioprinting facilitates the creation of physiologically relevant geometries and complex structures through precise spatial control of cells and biomaterials. One such development is known as bioink, a type of cell-encapsulation material that recapitulates the extracellular matrix. In this review, we provide an in-depth assessment...

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