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Expert interview series

Peruse our interviews with thought leaders and key influencers in the industry. Find out more about regulatory issues from lawyers, how to overcome technical challenges from engineers and how 3D printing is helping to reshape medicine from clinicians in our expert interview collection.

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Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine

The Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at providing an insight into an exciting new era in healthcare. Encompassing all aspects of bioprinting and 3D printing of relevance to medicine, the journal provides a forum for research, review and commentary in a fast-moving, inter-disciplinary research area. Read the latest journal news, plus, exclusively for 3DMedNet members, free access to selected papers.

For more information on Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine and to check out all the latest content, visit the journal site.

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Will we be able to 3D print whole organs? How can we print living tissue for drug testing or therapeutic transplantation? What biomaterials, bioinks or biofabrication techniques are most suitable for different applications? This channel presents research, news and insights on the role of 3D bioprinting tissues and organs for tissue engineering or regenerative medicine; cell-based models, tissues and organs for pharmaceutical and environmental toxicity screening and drug discovery; and in vitro models of organism development and disease, including tissue and tumor phenomics/phenotypic modeling and liquid biopsy analysis.

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